FLAMERS firelighters 🇬🇧

FLAMERS firelighters 🇬🇧

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Whether you're an occasional or frequent fire-builder, you know that starting a fire can be a challenge. This is where firelighters come in handy- they make it easier to light your fire and keep it burning all night long.

Key Features:

Natural: Flamers are made from natural wood shavings and refined paraffin wax, ensuring a clean and eco-friendly fire-starting experience.

One per fire: Say goodbye to the frustration of fumbling with newspapers, or messy liquid fire starters. Simply, place two logs at the base of your woodburner, add 6-8 sticks of kindling in a Jenga formation on top, place ONE Flamer natural firelighter in the middle of your Jenga formation and light!

Consistent Performance: Each Flamer natural firelighter is carefully crafted to provide a reliable and consistent burn. You can trust them to ignite your fire quickly, even in adverse weather conditions.

Long burn time: Flamers natural firefighters can burn up to 15 minutes. 

Versatile Use: Whether you're lighting a cosy indoor fireplace, an outdoor BBQ, or a campfire in the wilderness, Flamers are your trusted companion. They are perfect for a range of applications and settings.

No Odour or Residue: Unlike some firelighters that can leave unpleasant odours or residue on your fingers when handled, Flamers natural firelighters burn cleanly, leaving behind no residue or smell.

Sustainable Packaging: Flamers are packaged in recyclable/compostable materials, minimizing their environmental impact. The box is made up of carboard and the clear window from cornstarch.